Big NSV!

About 3 years ago, I bought a shirt from Threadless in a 2X. It was in a print I wanted so bad but they didn't have any bigger sizes in stock, so I bought it anyways even though I knew it wouldn't fit yet. Throw back to today, I still have that shirt and decided to try it on for fun (I'm running out of shirts that don't fit like a trash bag)... and it fits!!! It's a 2X!

I started my journey in a 4X shirt and a size 24 pants (but I was pushing a size 26, I was in denial big time). I'm now in a 2X shirt and about to buy size 22 jeans! I feel awesome and proud of my journey this time. I feel like I am truly living life and not worried about food, I have never felt like this before, it's awesome.

I decided to take a couple shots of me in this shirt (front and side view) to hold on it and compare my progress in a couple months. I'll share them maybe at the end of December!

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