Bring on November!

New month and a new week! I have some goals for this month and hope to crush them by the 30th! I started out my day with my 5k training walk of 1.29 miles, did good on my time compared to last week. For breakfast I had a Honeycrisp apple, banana, and my iced coffee.

This morning I hit a NSV!!! I bought two Torrid shirts in a 3x last year, they ended up running extremely small so I left the tags on them and hung them up in hopes I could wear them one day... today was the day! They are even a tad loose now!! So excited!

So for my November goals, I am keeping them short and simple. Every month I write down my goals for the month and each week in my planner. I can't wait to create goals for the first of the year!!

In the past I always started my goals in January, this is the first time I'll be entering January with already having started. Will be a nice feeling for sure!

Ended the day with a big salad and some yarn dyeing. I dyed up some skeins for myself as well, 7 of them are a new colorway I called Tarot Reader.... it's fitting since I'm a tarot reader! I read tarot professionally in the past, meaning I used to charge for readings, but earlier this year I decided to close up shop and just read for friends and family.


  1. I swear to you, you're my long lost sister. I have not been pro, by any means, but I used to palm read at parties as a conversation starter and have read every one of my life events in a tarot set that I have! I love reading your blog. Cheers for goals!!!

    1. Thats awesome!! I've always been fascinated by palm reading, I did do a light study on it but tarot has always been my thing lol! I have also dabbled in tea leaf reading, I just find divination in general so interesting! We are long lost sisters!! lol


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