Just some updates!

Thought I would do a check in about some progress I've made on some goals, one being my 5k training, and the other being my Xmas Challenge! I was looking through my planner to see how I have been doing (I believe that looking back at how far you have come helps you keep pushing forward). I missed two days in my walking last week do to my daughter home sick and then me being sick, so I got back at it this week!

Today should be my walking day too but my daughter has today off school for Veterans Day. She refuses to go on a walk with me, so I have to move it to tonight or tomorrow morning. I prefer walking in the morning since it gets dark too quickly by the time my husband is home and dinner is done.

So... this week I increased my walking to 1.5 miles starting this past Monday and kicked but! I did over that and was quite proud. This shows that I can complete 1/2 of a 5k right now lol!

Another neat progress is my Xmas Challenge, which was 15 weeks till Xmas! I still have this weigh in for week 9, then 6 more weeks (scary, huh?) till Xmas day! I'm already only 5.6 lb away from beating my 30 lb challenge and still have so much time to go!!! This will be such an awesome Xmas present to myself, I'm excited!

Eating this week has been... creative! We are days away from payday and able to stock back up with groceries, so I'm really scraping the fridge for healthy meals lol! We ran out of deli yesterday, that was a crusher for me since I rely so much on it at lunch, but I will get by I'm sure. I figure I will put my "slowly going vegetarian" to the test this week! For breakfast I had a banana and a slice of peanut butter toast on Dave's Killer Bread (Blue's Bread). For lunch I'm planning a big salad with cheese, crackers, and carrots! Dinner will end up being chicken of some kind I'm sure, but I'm hoping to make it with some potatoes!

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