New Day - New Week!

Love Monday's, maybe I'm the odd one lol I like being able to start fresh every Monday and work on new goals. I'm working on my water intake this week, big time. I really didn't drink much water this weekend and that isn't good at all. So far I've drank 34 oz of water, making good progress today already! I can't let water retention hold me back this week, I'm less than 5 lbs from seeing my 50 lb goal, if I stick with it I'm sure I will see that by next Friday.

Breakfast was a couple cuties, banana, cottage cheese and ice water. I just now made my iced coffee, I think that has been creeping in more and replacing my water intake, so I'm going back to my "rules" with drinks. If I want an iced coffee, I have to drink a bottle of water first. Easy! Worked well in the beginning for me.

Skipped my walk... again! First it was too hot to walk, now it's getting too cold lol! My elliptical will be here in 3 days so I will for sure be using that at least, but I do need to get back on track with my walking. I had to clean a ton this morning after a busy weekend, we have a guy coming to replace our disposal this morning. I did burn some calories and steps with cleaning, so I feel better about missing my walk lol

Lunch was good! It was my usual finger food lunch, but I chopped up a Honeycrisp apple and dished out some almond butter, mmm! I could eat this for dinner!

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