Plateau + Fitness Planning

Another plateau! This morning I jumped on the scale and I'm the same weight as last Friday's weigh in, so it looks like I hit another plateau, but that's ok! I would rather hit a plateau than gain. Hoping I can break it today so I can see a new (lower) number on the scale in the morning, so we shall see!

Today the elliptical is being delivered!!! So excited, this will be a huge help for my exercise. I'm working on a 6 day plan for the elliptical. After a few weeks I'll switch up my routine so my body doesn't fall into a cycle with getting used to the workout. I'll also add back in walking 3 days a week starting next week (on Monday - Wednesday - Friday).

Since I've been struggling with my water intake, I put 7 bottles of water in the fridge and marked the tops with an hour number - 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm.... so far I'm on track with my water! So it's working! I may do this again more often, I can tell by lunch time that I felt less bloated, so my drinking has been on point today.

Lunch was a big salad, I swear there is romaine under there! We lost our carrot peeler and I found it today, I am lost without that little thing. Planning on grilled chicken for dinner with some kind of side, haven't figured it out yet.

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