Weekend Recap

I've been slacking on daily blog posts lately, this cold I had last week really knocked me out of my daily routine. I'm so ready for tomorrow and the start of a new week! I'm going back to my walking and I increase to 1.5 miles tomorrow morning. I already mapped out my route, I plan to walk the street and then one lap inside my gated community, it comes out to exactly 1.51 miles. Perfect!

It dawned on me that if I repeat this route twice, I would be doing a 5k. I'm really tempted to try doing this on Friday, just to see how my body reacts. I don't plan on rushing it at all, just take it very slow. If it takes me an hour or way more, that is ok. So I may give it ago!

Nothing new to report as far as food this weekend, I did really well although I did have some late night snacking last night but it didn't effect the scale this morning at all, I was down almost a pound since Friday! I think adding in more calories one day a week helps break up a plateau, it's been working for me the past few weeks. Hoping to have a nice weigh in on Friday this week with all my walking back on schedule!

I ran and got a haircut yesterday to treat myself, it's been hard for myself to see the weight I've lost, so I figure a new haircut might help! My curl has returned and I'm thrilled! I can see my white blond peek-a-boo chunk in my hair now too!

I noticed I have been drinking a lot more coffee than I normally do (well, I used to drink tons a day before August). It's been slipping back in more and more, I need to crack the whip this week and up my water intake. I think the extra coffee I've been drinking has been replacing my water, not good! So tomorrow I will be back to my water goal and tracking it. I didn't track my foods much this weekend, I usually do most of the week but I don't do it every day, so I'll be doing that again tomorrow.

I just want to put my foot down on some things this week before they start to become a habit again, I've done so well for this long, I'm not going to let that happen.

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