42 Degree's and Loving it!

Early morning walk/jog! I ended up jogging 3/4 of one lap, I did 3 laps this morning. Not bad! I'm thinking of starting C25K when I either find my ear buds or buy a new pair. Right now I try to jog either a long stretch or a short stretch, then alternate it on each lap like one lap I'll jog a long stretch, then the next lap I'll do a short stretch.

Breakfast was a big 13 oz apple and a half cup of cottage cheese with ice water. I am taking a coffee break (gasp!) after last nights stomach issues. I like strong coffee and last night I accidentally made it too strong and it gave me the worst stomach issues all night and early this morning... so it's safe to say that I want far away from coffee for a while! I needed a coffee break anyways, so this worked out perfectly, haha!

If today works out to how I think it will, I may have something exciting to post on the blog later today!!

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