A little NSV

Ok, so I just bought some shirts in a 2XL but it seems I may be in between sizes and almost in an XL (at least with this brad, Teepublic)! While looking in the mirror this morning I noticed how baggy my tee was, wow!

I really don't like fitted or tight tee's, so these will fit for a while, I may order a XL tee from Teepublic at the end of next month to compare. Tomorrow is my last weigh in for 2015!! I'm very excited to finish up the year. What is nice, is January 1st is on a Friday... which is also my weigh in days! So I'll have a starting weight for the year next Friday with my progress pics! I'm going to take a frontal view of my progress this time too, I have some frontal pics saved that I never used.

Being sick this holiday season has played in my favor big time. I haven't been into the holiday baked sweets, or big meals. Although I have a very small appetite right now, I'm more hungry at dinner time than I am all day. I'm sure I'll start getting my appetite back again shortly, I already feel better today than yesterday.

Today we are taking it easy! We just have to do a quick grocery store run for some things for tomorrow morning since we are hosting Xmas this year, my mom is doing a big Costco run this morning for most of it (yikes, Costco on Xmas Eve!). It's also my Mom's Birthday today! She is an Xmas Eve baby!

The whole house is spotless except my daughters room and my front room (which is my sewing/fitness room). I hope to tackle those two rooms today! Nothing like starting a fresh year in a clean house! If I don't say it tomorrow, I hope everyone has a great Christmas tomorrow!!! I'll be posting my weigh in for sure in the morning before everyone gets here!

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