Gained Control + NSV

Last night after my virtual race, we ordered Chinese food for dinner. I haven't had it in months and I figured after a big calorie burn, why not! I stuck to my portion control very well, I had a small bowl of rice and teriyaki chicken for lunch. The rest will get eaten by my husband and it will be out of the house. I have no interest in snacking on more either.

Now, normally the old me would have have more than a serving of Chinese food, plus more later in the night. Then devour more for breakfast the next day and so on. But having no trouble stopping and going back to healthy meals is huge for me! Granted I may bloat from the sodium, so I'll be increasing my water till Friday! More and more food is loosing its grip on me and our relationship is breaking up little by little.

I woke up this morning and realized something, I feel great! I have never felt this good in my own skin in my entire adult life... and I'm 32 now. That's a long time to not be comfortable! Yesterday I got some new tee's in the mail that I ordered on Cyber Monday from Teepublic (I'm wearing one not pictured), they are in the new smaller size of 2X and fit perfectly! That was a huge confidence boost I needed. Not because of the size, but because how I feel in them. They are somewhat close fitting but still comfy and I feel like a million bucks!

Another NSV was being able to buy a tee at Target in the mens section! My Target usually stops at a 2X, so I was able to buy the Zelda shirt (below) and it was a huge victory for me! I haven't been able to shop their graphic tee's since before I got married, which was in 2007!

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  1. You're doing so great at sticking to your goals! And I love the shirts! :)


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