High Carb Weekend

So this weekend wasn't my best but I jumped on the scale this morning and was under my Friday weight, whew! I usually always do a Monday weigh in to see how I did over the weekend and what work needs to be done for the new week. So if I went up on the scale on Monday, I would work harder for the week to bring it back down.

I had so many carbs, Tuesday is payday... which is grocery day, so I was finding it a little tricky for my meals. Instead, I focused on portion control and putting my foot down to any binging. I had a cheese quesadilla one night for dinner (but they were low carb tortilla's... but I had a ton of cheese), baked potato, Mac & Cheese (yes, the boxed one, haven't had this in almost 5 months and it wasn't even that tasty to me)... the list goes on, haha!

It's Monday and I jumped right back to my comfort zone, chopped up apple for breakfast with iced coffee. I made an extra chicken sausage last night for lunch today, so I had that with a big salad for lunch. We have frozen chicken in the freezer, so that will be dinner with most likely another salad. Can't wait to restock tomorrow!! I am lost without my staples in the fridge and pantry.

My daughter is home sick with a bad tummy bug, so I have to put my morning walk off until after my husband gets off work. I'm ok about that since it was COLD this morning and rainy. It was in the low 40º's and today it hasn't reached 50º yet, that to me... is cold!

Tomorrow is my first ever virtual 5k!! I'm so excited, can't wait to post about it when I get home!

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