How I set my goals!

One question I get often is "how do you set your weight goals for the month?" so I thought I would do a post on how I do all my weight goal setting. I do a weight goal for the entire month (including a goal weight to hit on the scale) and I do a weight loss goal for each week.

Starting with setting my goals for the month, since I aim to lose 2 lbs per week, I look at how many weigh in days I have for that month. I weigh in on Friday, so some months have 4 Fridays while some have 5 Fridays. Looking ahead in January, there are 5 Friday's in that month. So my goal is to lose 10 lbs this month (December had only 4 Friday's, so my goal was to lose 8 lbs). Based on how I was ending the month weight wise, would help set the weight goal for the next month. I've carried this one from the first month I started this journey on. Example:

I ended the month of October at 279.6 lbs and November has 4 weigh ins (8 lb goal) = my goal weight for November is to be at 271.6 lbs by the last weigh in

So each month I jot down a goal weight to be at the end of each month. For January, my goal is to get to 255.8. Every time I see a new weight goal each month I think it's way out of reach, but I have hit my goals every month since I started, so I keep pushing along!

For my weekly goals, I just set my weight loss goal for the week. Mine is always 2 lbs per week. Simple as that! I don't put a goal weight to be at, since some weeks I have a small loss and some are bigger. So a 2 lb goal is good for me!

With setting a monthly weight goal, I can project roughly when I am able to reach milestone points. So looking ahead in my planner to July of 2016, my goal is to reach 203.8 lbs! That is roughly the month that I hope to hit my 100 lb milestone. Now, a weight loss journey has ups and downs, I may not actually reach 100 lbs lost until December next year... or maybe even January of 2017! Or, I may hit my 100 lb milestone earlier than July, you never know! I just like to set these goals up so it gives me something to work on and challenge myself. Also, it helps me plan when I may be in certain sizes when it comes to shopping... I may see some Summer tops on sale and I can estimate what size to buy for Summer instead of "maybe I'll be in this size, not sure".

So far I'm ahead of my weight goal this month! I had written down to reach 265.8 lbs by December 25th and I weighed in at 260.8! So I'm ahead of my plans and have some wiggle room of about 5 lbs.

How do you set your goals? Leave a comment, I would love to hear!

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