It's Monday!

Today I'm feeling more and more like myself again! Still going to hold off on walking until my lungs are back to normal. We picked up some Mucinex D last night... you can say that it is truly doing it's thing! At this point, I will for sure hold off on my Ugly Sweater 5k till the weekend after Xmas, to play it safe. The medal already shipped, so I told myself I won't open the package until I finish the virtual race.

I'm thinking of doing a "no coffee" rule till Xmas day. I've been drinking way too much iced coffee and not nearly enough water lately. I took a peek at the scale this morning to see how I did over the weekend and I'm very happy, so let's hope I can hold the number I saw till Friday! It's my last weigh day for the end of the year, but I still need to do my month end weigh in. Not sure if I like doing those the last day of the old month or the first day of the new month... still playing around with that lol!

Breakfast was a bowl of fresh cut pineapple and some blackberries, so good! I noticed I haven't been snacking much through the weekend, mostly because I was sick and really didn't feel like it. If I snack in the evening it has just been cashews.

For lunch I did my regular graze plate! Added some cashews today, I can't stop eating cashews lately. So good! For dinner we are throwing some chicken on the grill and I'll most likely turn it into a salad to use up the last romaine we have in the fridge.


  1. Hey miss :) just want to say I LOVE your blog! it's one of my absolute favourite! <3

  2. Virtual 5k's are something I'd never even heard of! Now I kinda wanna do one, but I want it to be warmer, I'm not excited enough to walk around in snow ;)
    Hope you're feeling better!


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