It's Tuesday!

For my awesome start to the new month I picked up a new water bottle as a treat! I grabbed a 33 oz Camelbak at Target this morning while buying some Xmas wrapping supplies and lights. Already I can tell this bottle will help me a ton! I drank 1/2 the bottle already and didn't even notice, awesome!

When I got back from Target I went for a short walk. Decided to change up my mindset with my walks. Before I was forcing myself to walk X amount of miles per morning and I burned myself out, I love walking but some morning I didn't feel like walking X amount of miles. So I decided to just walk! No planned distance or time, just walk for however I like. I'm not worried at all about the 5k, I know I can do it and yes, I will probably feel like I'm going to die lol! So I ended up walking a little over 3/4 a mile and didn't feel pushed to do it, felt great! I burned off my breakfast (which was a bowl of pineapple and an iced coffee - 155 calories).

We are heading to the store tonight, we would have gone last night but I had a mini migraine coming on so I was nauseous as hell. Luckily I had caught it earlier in the day and took some pain meds, so it didn't get blown out of control, whew! My husband did swing by the store last night though and grabbed some things I needed for today, love him! lol

So lunch was a graze plate, only thing I was missing was some cashews! I need to grab those at the store for sure, love cashews!

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