Jogged 1/3 a mile!!

This morning I got up around 4 am, then went back to bed and laid there for an hour before getting up fully. I decided to take advantage of the early morning and go for a sunrise walk/jog. Guys... I jogged for 1/3 of a mile non-stop!!! Mind you, it was a slow jog but still a jog! I even jogged again on the last lap, and then jogged my way to my front door. I didn't beat my fastest mile (I was 2 second shy) but I'm proud of this mile! While I was recovering with a walk I was thinking about where I started with my walking. I remember wishing that one day I could jog a whole lap but laughed at the thought. I figured I would be doomed to never be a runner, but little by little... I'm getting there! One step at a time!

I logged my morning walk/jog into Smashrun and here were my stats:

Average Pace = 16:05
Average Speed = 3.73 mph

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