Love Monday's!

I kicked started the week with a 1 mile morning walk/jog. I managed to jog three times on my walk and when I did my recovery I kept a good pace. After an hour of getting home, all I can think about is going back out there to try and jog/run longer. It's all I think about during the day, hah! My mind keeps saying "let's go out again and see how long I can go for!".

On Tuesday next week I'm buying my packet and ticket for The Color Run 5k!!! It's on January 23rd in Tempe, I'm so freakin' excited! At the end of the month I'm paying for my spot in the FroYo Run 5k, I decided last week that I want to do one more before it starts to get warm in April, this race is on February 13th!

My goal for 2016 is to do three 5k's and I think I can totally do it, maybe more! Maybe my 3rd can be on Halloween or Thanksgiving next year! Excited for 2016!

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