No words, just proud!

This morning I decided to see if I could make it to 3.1 miles, and if I couldn't, I wanted to see how long I could last at least. In the back of my mind, I told myself that if I can do it... I want to do it under 60 min, but if I didn't I wouldn't beat myself up over it (even though I knew I still would).

I DID IT... and under 60 minutes!

I now have a pace to beat and work towards each time I do a 5k, either on my own or in a future race. My average pace was 16:40. I walked nearly all of it except jogged the last .05 miles (don't laugh lol). I wanted so badly to jog during the walk but feared I man burn out if I did, so I wanted to at least complete most of it and jog to the finish AKA my front door.

Words cannot describe how proud I am of myself. I started in August barely able to walk 1/4 a mile without falling over dead to not even breaking a sweat until I hit 2.50 miles. Next Tuesday, I do this again for the virtual Cupcake Day 5k! I will try to add in a little more jog and see how I do. 

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