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Just got back from a walk! Score! I always forget just how good it feels to get home after one, love that feeling. I feel like death right now though, I added some jog into my walk and every time I do, I get home with bad breathing issues. It's been one reason I cut out jogging in my walks, and it's not like the kind of breathing where you need to catch your breath, it feels deeper. I'm planning to head to the doctor next month to get it checked out, it's driving me crazy and I feel like it holds me back.

Before I headed out for my walk, I was feeling really confident so I decided to snap a quick pic in the mirror. Not only did I take a full body pic (which I never really do, unless it's my monthly progress shot) but I was in compression capri's... and I felt confident as hell! Not just because I feel I look good, but because I feel good! I felt like I looked like a runner/walker and it made me realize that I am just that... well, not a runner, yet!

I'm hoping to order a new outfit today as a reward for reaching my first major goal today! I saw a running jacket and pair of compression pants at Old Navy online and I want them!! After the first of the year I plan to order some real running shoes too!

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