Safety Nets

I've been really thinking about how weight loss has effected me, after reading a recent post over at Tamara Shazam, it made me think about how I see myself in the mirror and such. I've only lost about 52 lbs, but I am just now really starting to "see" it in the mirror. I still feel like I'm 320 lbs, but my reflection feels like an old friend I haven't seen in years. I recognize her and know her, but she is just different. The person I see in the mirror smiles, her face glows, and she feels comfortable in her skin.

If I were to stop losing weight today and stayed at my current weight, I wouldn't mind at all. I am happy just as I am right now (which last time I checked was 267.2, hoping I see that or less tomorrow haha). I feel amazing, I'm a clothing size that is easier to find in stores, and I like what I see in the mirror... and no, I don't just mean looks, I like the smile I'm seeing because I can see that I'm really happy.

I carry a huge safety net in the form of old clothing, even though I'm only down 2 sizes. There is a comfort in keeping old clothes that used to fit, even thought it's really silly to keep them. I love some of my old shirts and hate to see them go. I know deep down I feel like I should keep them for that "just in case" feeling, but I think keeping them around is like giving myself an excuse to fall behind. Even though I can't wear them anymore... well, I can but they hang like trash bags... I still like to see them. So, I'm going to keep all my t-shirts! I know, your thinking... why?! When I started my journey I wanted some kind of record of it, a visual record. My idea was to turn my old t-shirts in a quilt that I could keep, like a memory blanket of my weight loss. I was going to make the quilt myself since I sew and also quilt, but sewing on t-shirt fabric is a pain the ass and I really don't want to do it. So I did some research this morning and found a company that will take your old t-shirts and create a quilt for you! The company is called Project Repat.

For as low at $74.99 you can get a lap size quilt made from your shirts, this is roughly about 16 tee's cut down to 12" x 12" each. I'm going to see where I end up at, I'm hoping to have either a twin or full size quilt made for me (which would be 24-30 tee's). It would cost around $109 - $129 to get that size done, which really is not that bad for a blanket created of memories! I started a pile of tee's to save and I want to figure out how I can use this as a reward, maybe I'll get it done at the very end of my weight loss? Or when I reach 100 lbs lost? I still need to figure that one out, but for now, I'm going to bag these shirts up to save. while donating the rest of my baggy clothes!

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