Ugly Sweater 5k

Woot! It's my second 5k and the last for the year! I was supposed to do this 5k on Christmas Eve but getting over being sick and a day before weigh day (my legs swell bad after a long walk) I decided to push it to today. So glad I did this one, my daughter joined me for 1/2 the walk. She was on her scooter and I had to keep up with her! So fun, I may do another with her next month. Hoping to sign up for the Warbird 5k in January, my goal is to do at least one virtual race a month next year along with 3 in person 5k's!

I didn't beat my time but I didn't care haha! It was just fun to get back into walking again, I even "wogged" a bit lol

I also got to use my Fitbit Charge HR today for a nice test, love it!! Found my heart rate neat as it shows when you have hit a good fat burn, I had about 20 min of a good fat burn on my walk, not bad!

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