Virtual Races + New Years Eve

Last night I started listing all the virtual races for 2016 so I have a clear view of which ones I want to do. We are hopefully getting a treadmill with some tax returns this coming season, so I plan to do some virtual races on that since I live in Arizona... where it's 120º+ in the Summer. It actually starts warming up in March and by April we are already usually seeing 80º. I want to keep up my walking and work towards running so a treadmill will be crucial for me in 2016!

Since I only pick virtual races from 3-4 online websites, this list was super easy to make. For those wondering, here are the four websites that I have found to be legit and actually donate to charity, some out there pocket your money. If you know of any others, please let me know in the comments:

I'm using these virtual races to practice my jogging and pace. So doing so means I get to gain from practice, get a medal, and give to charity! It's a win all around! I am finally buying my ticket for the Froyo Run on the 15th, the race is on February 13th in Tempe! So excited!!

Since tomorrow is weigh day (and the first weigh in of the new year) I've been working really hard on watching my sodium and carbs. The last thing I want to do is balloon up the day before! My eating has been on point and my after dinner snacking has been great as well, I had some cashews last night before bed but that was it! I've also been working hard at cutting off food at 6pm and it's been doing wonders for me, I can tell I'm giving my stomach more time to digest and rest so I feel great the next morning.

Tonight we are heading over to a friends house to bring in the new year... not 100% sure we will stay till midnight though, we will have our 6 year old with us and I'm pretty sure she will pass out way before then. We can bring it in when we get home though! I hope everyone has a great New Years eve and stays safe tonight!! Yay for 2016!!

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