Walk Talk

This morning I made a goal to do 2.5 miles on my walk and I did just that, exactly. I really wanted do another 3.2 miles but time wasn't on my side since I was meeting a friend this morning, so I wouldn't have much recovery time to cool down before I left the house.

I noticed when I start walking, I want to go home after only 1/2 a mile, but once I keep going I enjoy it much more and want to keep walking. It's always when I start walking that my brain says "I know you want to go further, but lets cut it short today instead". My pace was 16:39 walking, I tried my best to speed walk but I keep getting all tripped up on my feet haha!

Yesterday I got two new bands for my Fitbit Flex! They are third party brands, but feel and look just the same. I have a coffee colored one and a black one to swap to when the brown one gets past the point of dirty.

So... I may have gone a little crazy... I signed up for one more virtual 5K for this month! I'm doing the Cupcake Day one on Tuesday next week and thought that I would love to do a Christmas themed one before the year is over. I signed up for the Ugly Sweater Run! Depending on my husbands work schedule, if he is off on Xmas eve I'm thinking of doing my walk/run that morning, if he does work, I'll do it the Saturday after Xmas! He gets a 4 day weekend, just depends if he is grouped up with those who are off Xmas eve through the weekend, or Xmas day off through Monday. So we will see! How fun though! This will be a great way to end the year!

I'm already planning on doing more virtual 5k's starting in January! Eep! I know for sure I will doing several after April through October since that is our hot months and you really don't see many people even outside at that time. I'm in Mesa, Az and we see 120ยบ+ degree's during the summer, it doesn't start cooling off till the end of October, sometimes into November. I'm planning to get a treadmill when tax season comes around, so I'll be fully ready for the summer!

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