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With the new year around the corner, I decided to do a little revamping of the blog! I added a new banner and I might add a few more new features this weekend.

This morning before I started my day, thanks to Katie from Runs for Cookies, I discovered a new website called Smashrun! It's great, I'm for sure a data person and love statistics, this feeds that for sure. I wish it synced with Map My Run but it doesn't, so I have enter my walks and runs manually but I don't mind. You can also earn badges, those always sucks me in, one reason I love Fitbit so much.

I added the walk from this morning and here was my data:

Today I got a new pair of running capri's from Old Navy and they are in a smaller size, 2XL!!! I'll admit, they are a tad snug, even for compression capri's, but they fit! I think I read some reviews that they run a tad small so I knew ahead of time that they may not fit. I'm going to wear them tomorrow on my walk.

Tomorrow is weigh day and I'm really hoping for a good weigh in, I've been working my butt off all week. I've increased my walking immensely and have been burning a ton of calories with it. So we will see, if I can just hit my 2 lb goal for the week I would be thrilled.

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