Weigh Day

It's the last weigh in for the year, wow! The scale for sure reflected me being sick this past week, so thank you little cold bug haha! I lost a whopping 5.6 lbs this week and it brought my weight to 260.2!!! I may see the 250's on next weigh in, and I know that will be a bit emotional for me.

Since starting my journey at the beginning of August, I have lost 59.2 lbs. Thats almost 60 lbs in 5 months, never thought in a million years I could do that, ever. The most I have ever lost was around 30 lbs. Looking at that number means I only have 40.8 lbs to go till I hit my first goal of 100 lbs... I'm more than half way there!! This has truly been a rewarding Christmas gift to myself, not just today's weigh in but my overall journey this year (even though I started later in the year). I am so excited to see what 2016 will bring, I just know it will be MY year to shine!

Looking at my goal for December, I really didn't think I would hit my goal of 8 lbs. It would have been the first month that I didn't hit my goal. At first I was upset but then I was ok with that, it's part of the journey. But... I did meet my goal, I actually lost 9.9 lbs in December! If I can remember, I will do a post tomorrow on how I set my weight goals for the month and week!

** I totally broke out into tears after writing this, happy tears **

Now on to the Xmas Challenge!! Today is the finish line and I had a lot of fun with this little 15 week challenge, it did get a bit boring to post about each weigh in (I actually skipped it last week) but I'm glad I did it!

This week, since I lost 5.6 lbs that means I was over my 2 lb goal, I passed it by 3.6 lbs! I lost more on this weigh in than I did the entire month. The grand total for my 15 weeks till Xmas challenge was 41.7 lbs!! My goal was to lose 30 lbs, I beat it by 11.7 lbs! Woot! For that, I'll have an extra glass of iced coffee today!

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