Weigh In + New Goals

Today was weigh day! I'll admit, I'm a tad bummed even though I lost 1 lb. I worked really hard this week on my eating and I was hoping for more but it's a loss and I did see the 50.2 lbs again, so I maintained since Tuesday! I know what my issues have been, I need to walk!! When I was walking daily I was dropping weight like sweat, I need to get back to my walking. My excuse is it's cold in the morning, living in Arizona, we aren't really "cold" people lol! I don't have a running/walking jacket and I don't want to wear a cardigan out to walk, so I think I need to pick one up. That may help a lot lol

On to my Xmas challenge! I'm 1 lb under my goal (and my normal weekly goal of 2 lbs) but it's ok because I'm way ahead! I hit my 30 lbs in 15 weeks goal a little while ago, crazy! I'm excited for Xmas day's weigh in!

GOALS! Ok, using today as a chance to mix things up and work towards my 2 lb loss next weigh in. So I'm planning to WALK daily like I used to. I'm making it my job to just walk at least once a day, if I do a short walk in the morning, then I will walk again in the evening. Simple, just walk. I'm spending way too much time sitting on my butt during the day watching True Blood reruns and surfing the web, I need to get moving. So here are my goals:

  • Walk 1-2 times per day, every day
  • Elliptical 3x per week for 10 min 
  • Keep my water intake up, refill bottle at least 3x (99 oz)

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