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Ok, so this weeks weigh in is good, just not what I was hoping for with the extra work I've done this week but I think that may have been the reason possibly. I lost 1.7 lbs this week, bringing me to 52 lbs lost!

Last week I only walked 2.86 miles, this week I increased to... 11.3 miles! I noticed this morning that my upper legs, mostly my thighs, feel tight and a tad sore from the extra walking this week. So that has me wondering if it could reflect on the scale? I ate on point this week and burned a ton of calories, so scientifically speaking, I should have lost at least 2+ lbs. So I'm asking, can this be true, the leg swelling on the scale?

Next question, how long will it take for the swelling to go down, do I just keep doing my new routine and let my legs adjust? I don't plan on upping my miles any higher right now. I do have my first virtual 5k on Tuesday so my plan is this:

  • Today - Walk at least 2 miles to end the week (I'm also in a FitBit weekly challenge and I'm in first place... so ya, not slowing down today lol)
  • Saturday - Aim for 1.25 miles
  • Sunday - Rest
  • Monday - 1.25 miles
  • Tuesday - Virtual 5k 
Does this sound like an ok plan? I don't want to wear myself out before my 5k day, but I do want to keep my legs going the day before.

On to my Xmas Challenge! I didn't hit the mark this week again, like I mentioned above, but I'm still way ahead of my challenge so I have wiggle room with numbers for sure. Even if I maintain next week, I still beat my challenge!

In just two weeks is the final weigh in for my 15 weeks till Xmas Challenge!! My goal was to lose 30 lbs in 15 weeks, thats 2 lbs a week!

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  1. You walk a lot more then you did before. This means your leg muscles probably grow, since they have to carry around your whole body weight more. Muscle is tenser. Even if it doesn't show on the scale, it's a good thing. You are doing great!


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