2016 Goals

I just realized that I never posted my goals for 2016, but I did talk about them a bit in a few posts. to be honest, I have lots of plans but I really didn't write down real goals yet but I have them in my head. Time to write these down, most are weight related:
  • In July I want to hit my first goal of 100 lbs lost! Seeing that I lost 62 lbs in 5 months, I only have 38 more lbs to lose till I hit the big 100. I have 7 more months to complete my health journeys first year, so I think it will be very doable for me to reach 100 lbs!
  • My second goal is to hit my main goal of 120 lbs by the end of the year, I have a stretch goal of 140 lbs but I want to see how I feel after 120 lbs gone first.
  • By December 2016, I want to be a runner! I will be working hard towards this goal, I still mainly walk but I have been wogging more and more on my walks. 
  • In order to work on becoming a runner, I want to do at least 2 races a month (5k), so either a real event and a virtual race or just two virtual races. I'm signing up for my first live event on the 15th, it's for the Froyo Run in Feb. I already paid for my spot in the Warbird Virtual race and plan to pay for my spot for the Eyeball Run on the 15th!
  • Keep up with housework and try not to let clutter pile up. We just did a huge "spring cleaning" in the house a week before Xmas and it wasn't that bad, just clutter corners started to pile up. So this year I really want to keep up with the house, plus it's more steps when I clean!!
  • Continue to love myself and practice self care. Last year was the first time I really put myself first and began self care with pampering and just doing things that I enjoy. I told myself yesterday that I want to stick a little money aside each month for a Lush trip and things that I enjoy, treat yourself!
  • Celebrate all my 10 lb milestones!! I have only been rewarding myself with big milestones like 40 lbs or 60 lbs, but I want to celebrate more with the smaller milestones this year. I started off by my Lush and Teavana trip yesterday haha!

walk ⇢ wog ⇢ jog ⇢ run!!

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  1. You are such an inspiration! #badassunicorn Self pampering is on my list this year too. <3


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