Back at it!

This morning I was able to get back to walking after taking a two day rest since my daughter has been sick, again! She's been down since Thursday and doing a little better today, tomorrow I think she will be a lot better. We had to cancel her Birthday party for today, poor girl. My mom came by with family gifts though for her, so she got to open them while laying on the couch. Can't wait till she is back to herself!

Back to my walk, I got back at it again this morning. I did three laps in our gated community and jogged one of the laps. It got me rethinking about the C25K program, I really enjoyed it and i think I let fear get to me when thinking about the weeks to come on the program haha! I've been trying to do more running intervals but haven't made much progress so I think I may pick up that program again and see if I can actually stick with it! My plan is to ignore my pace on the program and just focus on doing the intervals, no matter if I run them slow. When I slow down to a light jog, I can go way longer. I think if I can work on my endurance with a slow jog, I can eventually work on my speed.

Some days I don't feel like I'm making any progress in running, but then when I look at how far I've come so far, I think I've made good progress. I am my worst critic on myself for sure!

This afternoon, I grabbed a spot on another virtual race that wasn't in my plans to do but Moon Joggers has some leftover medals on sale so I couldn't resist! I'm going to squeeze in the themed Spaceballs 5k in February or if needed, March! I have been eyeing that medal so I caved.

I want to start working on some goals and challenges for my next coming races. The 10k goal is to complete it, nothing crazy, I don't even care about my PR as long as it's under 18:00 min/mile. I have a couple races coming up in February! I may squeeze in that Spaceballs 5k before the Froyo Run, we'll see!

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