Blah Yesterday

Yesterday I decided to take a rest day with walking and jogging, later in the evening I felt so guilty for doing so. I was pretty sure I was using "it's cold" as an excuse... this is just after I did a 5k in the cold and rain, so ya, total excuse. I was having a pretty blah day in general, one of those "why am I doing this?" type of day. I'm glad I stuck to my guns with eating and didn't let loose, this morning i feel much better! I'm excited to head out for a walk this morning, I'm not going to jog or work on my pace, I'm just going to walk and enjoy it. Lately, every time I go out for a walk, I try hard to beat my mile PR and I think that is slowly starting to effect how I feel about my walks. So I need to get back to basics and just enjoy the walk for what it is, I'll save certain days for pacing, just not do it every day.

This morning I woke up retaining water, again! So I just brewed some iced tea using Weightless by Traditional Medicine, it's for water retention. It works wonders for me, it has fennel and cranberry in it. I brew it hot in my infuser, even though they are tea bags, and add in some german rock sugar to sweeten it a tad. With my iced tea, I chopped up a Pink Lady apple and filled my 33oz water bottle. Can you tell I'm trying to get rid of this water weight quick?!

My goals for today are:

  • Walk 2x - morning and after lunch (2 miles total)
  • Epsom bath after morning walk - I can tell I'm holding water based on my ring finger
  • Try to eat as clean as possible today (and for the rest of the week)


  1. We all have Blah days, but good for you for sticking with it, and having a plan! :o)

    1. We sure do! They suck! lol Love it when they pass :)


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