C25K: Week 1 - Day 1

Today was day 1 of the first week of C25K and I'm proud to report... I did not die! After the second jogging interval I wanted to quit, my legs were on fire, but after I kept pushing and got past the half way mark I was full of energy again. Though I was still anxious to see the last 5 min cool down to appear! I'm actually looking forward to Wens for day 2, for sure going to leave my running jacket at home. I was good for most of the jog but I was warming up fast on the last 10 min. It was around 57ยบ on my jog.

After logging my walk/jog into Smashrun, my stats were:

Time = 30:00
Distance = 1.79 mi
Avg. Pace = 16:46

Took a quick shot of my outfit before heading out haha! So excited that I get to wear this shirt these days, it spent too much time sitting in the bottom of the drawer waiting for the daylight when I bought it. It's a 2X and fits loose now!

Last night I got a fun idea to make a loose change jar to use for virtual races! I really like them for practice and pace improvement so I created this jar, at the end of each month I drop it off at Coin Star and hopefully grab a virtual race spot for the new month. Thought it would be fun, I've been snagging loose change anytime I spot it haha!

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