Feeling Good and Nervous!

This morning I was in a panic after finding out I was out of fruit, snacks, and some other staple items in the fridge. We are 3 days away from grocery day, so I had to get creative haha! With $6 in my pocket, I ran up to the store and picked up two bundles of romaine, some apples, blueberries, carrots, and banana's. These items made my day! Sometimes I like a good challenge when payday is just out of reach and I need to get creative with meals.

After reading some comments on instagram, I'm shocked to see how expensive produce and fruit can be where some live. I had no idea, it's really upsetting to know and now I really do understand why some can't eat healthy. I'm super grateful that I have access to cheap produce, our farmers markets are often even cheaper too! We are hopefully going to start prepping the backyard for raised garden beds next month, this will be super fun to see if we can actually grow food haha! Fingers crossed we have a green thumb haha!

This morning I went out for a slow walk and enjoyed every second of it. I told myself that I won't look at my pace and don't worry about going fast, just turn on the music and enjoy the weather. I smiled the entire time and it was actually one of the best walks I've done in a long time, I have Jack Johnson to help with that though too.

I also earned a new badge on Smashrun!! I got the "In it for January" badge, so cute! I'm 6 sessions away from getting the Lunch Time badge. I don't plan to go out today after lunch, but for sure I may aim to do a walk tomorrow! I need to do some jogging intervals tomorrow for sure, I kind of abandoned the C25K program, I love it but honestly... I just wasn't feeling it. I've been doing my own jogging intervals instead, tomorrow morning I plan to jog for as long as I can't go on. Then next time I'll do the same. Maybe eventually I'll get further and further haha!

Lunch time got me thinking about what my goal is for when I do my 10k. My main goal is obviously to finish the race, that is a given. But I want to set a small goal for myself so I decided I want to complete the 10k under an hour and 45 minutes. The minimum mile pace for the 10k is 18:00, so my goal would be to roughly do a16:54 pace per mile to get this. Seems simple enough, but I say that now haha!

I think next week sometime or next weekend, I'll do a 10k on my own just to get a starting point. I did this before I did my first 5k and it really helped me feel better about doing a 5k after that.

I'll admit, my nerves are already piling up. I keep thinking "what if I'm last, what if I get injured, what if my hips hurt, what if...". So I think doing a test 6k will help settle these nerves, and if I'm last on race day, so be it! Just completing this race will be huge for me.

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