Garmin test and shoe hoarding has begun!

This afternoon, I tested out the new Garmin and I was thrilled with how it worked! I didn't get to test the auto pause yet since I just did a quick lap in our gated community. I planned to do a mile but my body was clocking out for the day, after a mile walk in the morning and then the elliptical right after, errands and mall walking... I was done hah! So I'll test this feature out tomorrow for sure. It was so nice to not have to rely on my phone, I think the Garmin and I will be best friends!

This evening, I gathered up my athletic shoes and was shocked to see I owned four pair! This is going from a girl who only owned a pair of $1.50 flip flops at a time, that was it. I didn't even own a pair of running shoes a couple years ago. Once I ditched the flip flops to try and help my plantar fasciitis, it was all up from there. My pain stopped in October even though I stopped wearing flip flops in August, after I lost more weight it finally halted the pain and I've been pain free since! I had feet pain 24/7 for over 2 years, the second my feet touched the ground I felt it. So if I went to the mall with my daughter and mom for the day, I was down for 1-2 days after and walking around the house with a cane. Some days it was so bad that I had to use my cane out running errands. So glad I'm past that now, it is not fun!

Anyways, enough rambling on that! I've had a pair of Nike Free Run 3's for a couple years now but have literally only worn them three times... my left toe always slides down and rubs the tip of the shoe so I never gave them a chance, which was sad since I loved them. I tried out a lace lock trick with my laces to see if my foot would stay in place better (my left foot is slightly longer than my right, weird I know) and I think it helped! I don't know if I will use these for running since that is the only time it bothers me, but they will be in rotation now for walking. My ASICS next to them are new from Saturday, love them to death. My two Saucony Original Jazz are for daytime use, they worked well in the beginning life of each shoe for walking longer distances but I need to replace the soles before I use them again for any walks longer than 2 miles. Also, I'm normally not a pink person but I think I secretly am... look at all that pink! Not to mention that my Garmin is pink, but I really wanted green but the pink was the cheapest on amazon.

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