Good Food!

Wrapping up this day with some good food and tired feet from lots of walking today. My husband threw some chicken on the grill tonight and it was so good! As usual, I used my chicken breast on a salad and added some rosemary & olive oil asiago cheese, blue cheese, and my favorite ranch (Marie's). I could have eaten two more plates of this meal, so good! I tend to eat salads mostly for dinner since they don't make me feel heavy after dinner. The last thing I need is to feel huge while laying in bed! 

I gave my new shoes a test drive and love them! I planned on doing a mile with walking-running intervals but my daughter was with me and pooped out after one lap out of three. I'm glad I was able to at least get two intervals in, based on my pace and time it looks like if I kept it up it would have been my fastest mile to date! Tomorrow morning I plan to go out alone though, it's fun with her but I tend to prefer solo. 

One thing my shoes are missing are a pair of Shwings!! I want a pair so bad, I'm thinking silver! 



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