Guys, I just jogged my first mile!

First off, I know I was supposed to be taking a rest day today like I said... but I couldn't help it, I had to go out this evening. All day I was super anxious about skipping my morning walk, I just really wanted to go out but I held back all day and stuck to my rest day plan. Then this evening we decided to order Chinese (it's my relaxed day, and only today haha) so I decided to do a walk before it arrived... you know, so I wouldn't feel entirely guilty about eating Chinese food lol! Once I got outside, I decided to see just how long I could jog before really wanting to stop and walk. I also wanted to see how my Free Run 3's handle a jog.

I started with a short walk to get warmed up, then I began jogging real slow and steady (more like wogging). It felt really nice and my stride was comfortable and smooth, so I decided to keep going. When I came around the corner of the street I could see the amazing sunset, so it completely kept my focus while jogging. I got to the end of the street and was still feeling really good, my legs were getting a tad sore but nothing crazy, so I kept going. Once I started on the second lap,  I did a quick mental body scan to see how I felt, then kept going.

The next thing I knew, I was already coming to the beginning of lap three, the final lap. Did another quick body scan and for sure was feeling my legs at this point but it wasn't terrible. My brain was telling me "it's ok, you can walk now" but I pushed through and focused on the cars parked along the street and kept going. I can tell I was going even slower but I didn't care, I was really feeling pretty good. The thought that kept popping up in my mind that got me to keep going was...

"If I jog this entire mile, I can totally blog all about it!!!"

So... I did just that, finished my mile and I nearly cried as I walked down the street to cool down. This was the first time I ever jogged or ran a mile straight without stopping or walking, even back in school I walked that dreaded mile in P.E. class, never ran it. I'm so thrilled about this tonight, I feel like I'm actually making progress with running... a very slow progress, but progress! Tonight I also earned a new badge on Smashrun, it's the 30 Miles badge for doing 30 miles this month! 



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