Happy Birthday Zoë!

Today is my daughters Birthday!! She turned 7 today and has been telling everyone she runs into that it's her day haha! She is having a party on Saturday but we are taking her out for froyo after school today. Holy crap, we have a 7 year old!

Another great day started with a nice steady walk, I did peek at my pace today and it wasn't my best but I enjoyed this walk a lot. Since I was taking my mom to Costco this morning, I decided to kill some time and do my walk in her neighborhood again by the farms. I wish I lived near this, I would walk this route every day. This route also makes me want chickens more and more every time I go here. We are actually zoned for chickens where we are but because our yard is too small, it doesn't meet the feet distance the coop would need to be from our back door, bummer.

While at Costco, I decided to check out the clothes... which is something I never do since I can never fit into them. I have been looking for some warmer weather active wear and came across a tank top that I had to have and I got it in a XL!!!! I held up the 2X and it just seemed really baggy but the XL looked closer to my size. I haven't tried it on yet (will do that in a second) but I'm pretty sure it will be tight so it should be perfect when it warms up. Our weather should start warming up here in March! For the first time ever, I'm looking forward to the warmer months so I don't have to wear a jacket. Usually I like to hide in a cardigan all year, even when it's 120º out, they were my security. This year, no way!

I was starving when I got home so I made a taco salad with left over grilled chicken and a low carb tortilla, so good! The whole meal was around 250 calories and filled me up. I've been watching my carbs the past few days and have kept them under 100g, yesterday I ended with 92 net carbs and if I stick to my planned meals today it will be around 36 net carbs! I want to see if it helps me through the week, so we will see on Friday!

** Update: The top FITS!!! It is a form fitted top and supposed to be, but around March/April when I wear it, it will fit perfectly!! **

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