January Goals 2.0

I started my morning with a mile walk. It will be rainy all week so I'm hoping it doesn't interrupt my walks and jogs this week, fingers crossed! I'm trying to earn some badges on Smashrun so I'm upping my walking this week. It's funny how these little icon badges on a website gets you to do more, but if that is what gets me off the couch... so be it!

Today's lunch was leftover grilled chicken from taco's last night, I turned it into a taco salad. After lunch I headed back out for a walk (really want the Lunch Time badge and need 6 more walk/jogs!). I wasn't focused on pace at all, just enjoy the light rain and sounds of the street, but I was doing really well until I saw our neighbor bringing our recycle bin to our door so I slowed down to grab it from him and forgot to pause my phone. We have the nicest neighbors, same neighbor gave us baked bread for Christmas.

So... January Goals 2.0?! Yes, I have revised my January goals because something just popped up and I have to really plan for it. You know how I mentioned I was doing the Froyo Run 5k next month, I'm supposed to be doing it with my Aunt and her partner... well, her partner just upped the challenge and wants us to sign up for the Froyo Run 10k! She thinks I can do it now if I wanted and I should be just fine in a month. I'm terrified, almost to the point of no return, but also very excited for this.

It really isn't a timed race, but they require you to at least do a pace of a 20 min mile for 5k and a 18 min mile for the 10k. Right now, my average mile is around 16:45 and it took me 51:54 to complete my best 5k, the other two 5k's were a few seconds off.

I revised my January goals a bit to really focus on this 10k:
  • For each normal mile walk I do, I plan to really work at my pace and add in more jogging intervals, then I may do a one day a week walk for endurance and keep increasing the distance each week. 
  • I also plan to really put the foot down on my eating (even though I'm doing great now) and focus on sticking with my calorie budget. 
  • Work hard to reach my 2 lb a week goal! This will only help me on race day.
I hope I am ready for this 10k! Yes, I plan to walk nearly all of it too!

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