Midday RUN!

Today is going so well, I made a good quick lunch and then I planned to do a midday walk... but that actually turned into a run! A very, very slow run that is. I only had to walk 4 quick times to recover a bit but I ran the whole rest of the mile! I'm so happy, I didn't even care how slow I was haha!

I noticed that once I slowed things down a little bit and got past the leg tiredness, the run got a lot better. It also helped that I didn't focus on my legs, I usually think about my legs and scream in my head "holy crap my legs are on fire" and then stop, but I tried to change my focus and it really helped. If I had a running partner it may help me as well, but music worked just fine.

I've done really well on my eating today! Hoping I can carry this along through tonight, last night I took some spoon dips in the peanut butter haha! I know it's perfectly ok to have a nighttime snack, but being a binge eater I want to stop the action of grabbing snacks after dinner. That is why I'm so strict with myself with after dinner snacking. It's the bad habit of just grabbing something to eat just because. However, I am grabbing a Chobani Flip for a snack now!

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