Monday Planning and New Jeans!

Finally, new jeans!! I have been buying only one pair of jeans every couple months as I drop sizes so I don't spend a fortune on clothes. I also only buy like 3 t-shirts every size drop too, I'm actually going to order XL tee's next month!!

Jeans starting at a tight 26 women's (I used to have to do the hair tie trick on them when they got tighter) to a now loose fitting 22 women's! I actually put the old jeans on over my new jeans while on me for fun and they were huge! I have been saving each pair as I go further on my journey just for fun! I will most likely donate all my jeans in the end except for my biggest size, just so I have a reminder of where I have come from.

This morning I started planning out the new week, one of my favorite Sunday things to do. Tomorrow I'm doing the Runs for Cookies virtual 5k (Kate's 4th annual) and I need to map out a route tonight for it. I for sure plan to go back to the Riparian Preserve this week but not to do the 5k, I have a feeling there will be a handful of walkers, runners, and bikers there in the mornings.

My goal for this 5k is to hopefully hit my PR, ultimately I would really like to reach the 45:00 mark. I'm struggling hard to take a rest day from walking and running, but I'm sticking with my rest day plans. I'm 2,900 steps away from my step goal for the day, so if I don't reach it with cleaning the house... I may take a slow steady walk before dinner, we shall see!

This week I just need to lose 1.6 lbs to reach my monthly goal of 10 lbs for January! I'm so close, I can do it! I need to really focus this week and stick to my guns with no binging and late night snacking. Since I'm a big numbers person, I did the math this morning on my "projected weight", and if all goes well I should be hitting 100 lbs lost in May. So I have a big goal to set, my goal is to see 220 lbs on the scale by the end of May! Then I can set a new goal once that is reached.

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