Morning Adventures

This morning we decided to head over to the Riparian Preserve, found out it's only like 10 minutes from our house. I've never even heard of this place until yesterday. The Riparian Preserve is basically a free trail area surrounded by protected nature. Lots of birds, rabbits, ducks, etc. Tons of wild life and lots of trails. We only did one trail and it ended up being around a mile, looking at the map... we barely even touched this place. Since it's free and they welcome walkers, bikers, and even horse back riders, I will be heading there next week for a few morning walk-runs!

I decided to try out my Fitbit "exercise" feature while on our adventure, I really just wanted to see how many steps we did and such. Worked really well! We took our time and just enjoyed it this morning, my daughter wasn't too thrilled... she isn't much of an adventurer yet lol!

I tried my best to stay on rest today but I did a short .44 mile walk-jog with my daughter before dinner. I jogged most of this little lap and it felt really good. I'm heading for an Epsom soak in the tub after dinner and hope to stay off my feet tomorrow. Will be doing the Runs for Cookies virtual 5k on Monday! Haven't figured out my route yet so I'll get on that tomorrow.

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