Morning Intervals + NSV

This morning I was so anxious to head out for a walk after taking yesterday off. I did some jogging intervals and instead of stopping at a certain point (I wasn't doing timed intervals, just "jog to this point, then walk to the next point") I decided to just keep jogging till I felt I couldn't anymore. I actually jogged for quite a ways before switching to walking!

I got to wear my new Old Navy pullover this morning and I think I will be using this only when I want to do nice steady walks. I got super hot in this top! It was only about 55ยบ, for me, thats cold being in Arizona! Anyways, my outfit is all in a size 2X! My top has lots of room, I actually could have gotten an XL but it would have been snug. The bottoms are fitting so much nicer to than when I first got them. I'm so thrilled to see some NSV progress! Can't wait to get real running shoes this Friday, I'm heading to Road Runner Sports to get fitted properly to, it feels so official haha!

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