Morning Walk + Planner

It's feeling so good to get back to my solo walking, don't get me wrong, it's fun to walk with my 6 year old... but it's nice to be alone for sure! This morning I headed out the door right after waking up and did a mile walk/jog. I finally started to add jogging back to my walks, I tried a few times but my lungs weren't having it. This cough is finally about over, finally! Last week I would burst out into coughing fits if I walked to fast.

This morning I was really close to my last nights pace. I wasn't really aiming to beat it or anything, I just wanted to work on my speed walking. I keep wanting to start C25K but keep putting it off, so tomorrow I may try and start that after I drop my daughter off at school! I will report back if I do haha!

A couple weeks ago I got these super cute stickers for my planner to keep written track of my miles and time each day. I signed up for Moon Joggers Mercury Rising 2016 so I plan to log my walks/runs once a week rather than daily. I did get these stickers to use for the entire month but switched to weekly. I got them at Polished Patterns on Etsy! I am ordering a bunch more stickers from the shop today too!

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