New mile PR, barely!

This morning I did some jogging intervals on my mile walk, I ended up doing 6 short jogs and 6 long walks. When I got home I saw that I beat my mile PR by 1 second! So my new mile PR is 15:11, slowly chiseling away on my PR's! Saturday I'm getting new running shoes, real ones haha! I've been only using a pair of Saucony Original Jazz shoes, which I love for daily wear but not one bit for jogging. I could swap out the insoles but the cushion is so flat that it feels like I have wood boards strapped to the bottoms when I run.

I think after I pick up new shoes, my next big buy will be the Garmin running watch. I've been using my iPhone to track all my outings with Map My Run and to be honest, I'm just tired of relying on my phone for it. Half the time I have to postpone a walk because I need to charge my phone up after my daughter had it for a while... so ya, it's time to upgrade! I will be using it with my Fitbit, so it's not replacing that.

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  1. I have read through some of your most recent posts and I just wanted to let you know that you have motivated me. I have tried running a few times over the years and never gave it a solid chance. I would love to finally be able to run (or even jog) a full mile without stopping or walking. Thank you!


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