Progress and Eyeball Run 5k (virtual)

This morning my reflection caught my eye, I'm not used to seeing this smaller person in the mirror. Even when shopping, I'll find myself looking through the clothing racks and holding up my new size and shaking my head thinking "This is too small, it won't fit"... and it ends fitting perfectly! It's like my body and mind are playing games with one another.

I was thinking about all the times I have tried to get on a health and weight loss journey, I failed each time after about 3 months. I am on my 6th month with my journey and have not fallen once, I have had some ups and downs like anyone would, but I haven't fallen off and had to play "catch up". Usually if I have a down day, it turns into a down week, then month.... and so on. One big thing I have learned is that the next day is new and I can pick right back up with no problem. This is my new willpower that I have gained on this journey, along with the word "moderation". This was a new word to me and was shocked that I just can't eat everything at once, that is how I was how into my past situation!

This morning I planned on doing just a normal walk but since I was feeling really good, I decided to do the Eyeball Run 5k (virtual)! I had it in my planner to do it sometime this week but was waiting for the shipping notification for my medal before I planned on a day, but I decided to just do it early anyways! It wasn't my fastest but my only goal on this virtual race was to keep my splits under an 18:00 min/mile, since that is the only requirement for the 10k next month, and I did just that! I'm super happy I did! Can't wait for my medal to come!! Next virtual race is on Monday for the Runs for Cookies 4th Annual 5k! Hoping to get back to my 5k PR of 49:25, that is my only goal!

I'm still trying to break in my new shoes, they feel great on my short walks but once I hit that 2 mile this morning... I really felt it under my toes and the ball of my foot. I kept going though, I think I may look into getting some new sole inserts by the end of the month, that may help! My heels felt great though haha!

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