Rainy Thursday

This morning I was going to skip my morning walk due to the rain and cold but I ended up going out anyways, didn't want the rain to be an excuse since it wasn't raining at that moment. I added some jogging into my walk towards the end, a little bummed I was .1 mile short, ack! I was going to go back at at noon but it was pouring non-stop so I threw in the towel haha! My legs are super sore this afternoon so I'm calling it a day with walks for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow is the last day of week 1 in the C25k program! Woot! I'm actually excited for next week, but I'm pretty sure I may repeat a couple weeks for a bit. Not sure I'm ready for too much progress yet, but we'll see!

My meals were on point today, I'm doing a big salad tonight for dinner. The past few days I have stuck to my "no food after 6pm" rule perfectly! I've also kept up my 21 days of no junk food as well, no cheats, woot!

Lunch was a sandwich with toasted thin 21grain Dave's Killer bread, Boars Head low sodium turkey, shredded lettuce, and thin swiss, with a bowl of pineapple. So good! I normally haven't been eating sandwich's but lately Iv'e been craving them so I caved. Tomorrow is weigh day and I'm hoping for either a loss or maintain, the scale hasn't been moving too much this week and I'm pretty sure it's do to my legs since I've increased my walking/jogging a lot the past few days.

I'm doing the Warbird Run 5k on Sunday, originally was aiming to do it on Tuesday but I saw my medal shipped and will be here Saturday!! On my last virtual race I started a rule to not peek or open the medal package until I complete my race, I figure it will only add to the excitement to complete the 5k. Super excited to do this virtual race, I hope to add some jogging this time and hopefully beat my PR. I'm going to alternate jogging with long walk recovery throughout the 5k, I have 2 more after this one this month and I'm hoping these will only help me with the 10k next month.

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