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Over the past few months I've been slowly working up to running but really feel like I haven't done much progress, I can never seem to run past a certain point or time without having to slow down to walk. Lots of questions (and doubt) keeps popping up in my mind, even though I know every beginner has had doubt on the brain too. I figured that I would post some questions here for anyone who would like to answer them!

I usually start off with a walk for the first few minutes, I would say about 3.0 mph so nothing fast. Then I would start running/jogging slow (maybe 4.0 mph) but once I hit a minute or a certain landmark, I'm done. Then I walk for another 2 minutes before attempting to run again, the second interval isn't bad at all, it's when I get to my third interval that I really start to feel more like a Clydesdale running through mud rather than a unicorn prancing in a field. I feel like I can feel my weight and I run very clunky, even though my first two runs were smooth. Am I possibly going too fast too soon (even though 4.0 mph really isn't fast)? Should I start of "wogging"?

I would love to hear what advice you have for a new runner... who can't run yet lol!

My first 10k is next month on the 13th, only 25 days away, and I know I won't be running during this 10k. I will be walking nearly all of it but I would like to add some running in, even if it's a short run with each mile. I'm so worried about that minimum 18:00 mile pace and I figure if I add in a little running interval in the each mile I can stay far away from it. On my 5k's I tend to get faster on the last mile from what I see on my splits... my last 5k splits were:

1 mi - 15:53
2 mi - 16:13
3 mi - 15:35

I'm doing another 5k either this weekend or the beginning of next week  since I'm waiting for the shipped notification for the medal before I set my date, it's a virtual run. I like to do my races the day after my medal arrives so I have something to look forward to when I get back from doing the actual 5k and get to open the package up! Although I feel like a kid pacing around a present and want to open it right away, I never do though haha!

This morning I wanted new scenery so I headed to my parents house to walk in their neighborhood. They live across the street from farms so I thought it would be fun! My brother was up to going with me as well, he is just starting out on his own health journey and this was a first walk for him. It was a lot of fun and he did really well. I made sure I slowed down for him but he still did a good pace for a first time I think! The walk alone was so much fun, we saw cows, horses, miniature ponies, a great dane (totally thought he would jump the fence), and tons of chickens. I will for sure be doing this route again!

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