Runs for Cookie Virtual 5k

Woot, last 5k of the month ended with the Runs for Cookies 5k hosted by Kate over at Runs for Cookies! I ran a little bit of this race in the beginning and did a complete rookie mistake... by starting out too quick, then burning out quicker. I should have saved some running for the last mile or the middle mile, I have learned that lesson haha!

While I didn't get as close to my PR as I had hoped, I did keep my pace under that 18:00 min/mile mark, so I'm very happy with that! I also used my Nike Free Run 3's for this 5k to see how my feet felt after mile 2 and 3, they worked out great! I will be using these I think for my 10k next month.

This was a fun race! I decided to do my 5k along the farms near my parents house and got to see miniature ponies, chickens every where, some horses, and even a cow. I really love that street, it makes walking so nice. I am also loving the morning walkers I walk past in the mornings, it's like we are all in a secret club and give each other the "secret club head nod and smile". I joined a running/walking group near me but have yet to join them. They meet Wednesdays at 7 PM, and again on Saturday at 6:30 AM. I may try to get out to the Saturday group since I'm a morning person!

When I got back, I synced my Garmin with Smashrun and saw I earned the 50 mile badge! Yay! I'm also very convinced that when I was using Map My Run before my Garmin, that it was not accurate at all with pace. Even with running and super speed walking, I can't even come close to that 15:11 min/mile pace. I'm pretty sure I was going slower than that app picked up, I heard the same from others as well about the inaccuracy of that app. So I will leave it as is and just keep trying my best to beat that time!

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