Virtual Races for February

Thought I would start a post for each month and mention the fun virtual races I find for the month coming up! I'm a big nerd and actually set up a Google Spreadsheet for the whole year and keep track of what races are coming up... this helps me look ahead and choose some races easier and lets me know when I need to pay for them! Can you tell I like to organize?

So, since January is leaving pretty quick, I'm starting with February! Here are a list of virtual races that I've found for February (click on the race to go to the page). The ones in italic are the ones I'm planning to do!

If your wondering what a virtual race is, head over to this post where I talk all about them!
I'll be adding to this as I see races pop up, so check back to this post weekly!


  1. Love the detailed information!! I am so excited to try some if these virtual races!

    1. They are addicting!! I'm already purchasing my next two races at the end of the month!


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