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Every time I post about my virtual race run I get a lot of questions, one being "what is a virtual race?". I thought I would talk about what a virtual race is and also why I think they are awesome!

First off, what is a virtual race? A Virtual race is like any race event except you do it on your own time, your own course (even treadmill), and your own day. You don't get the whole event feel for a virtual race, but there is no reason you can't do a race with a bunch of friends and make it a big event! Most of the races donate a proceed to charity just like a real event, I tend to stick with only virtual race organizations that do donate (I'll link some below).

Why do a virtual race? Why not! They are fun! I am using virtual races to work on my pace and endurance for real event races. I can do it alone and really focus, most virtual races also give medals! In the beginning I felt weird getting a medal without being at an actual event, but in the end, a 5k is a 5k! I'm putting in the same effort I would at a real event, if not more since I'm doing it alone and don't have to worry about those race jitters.

How do you do a virtual race? From my experience, when you go to a website that hosts a race, you pay for your spot and then are given a link in the email for submitting your results at race day. A medal (and sometimes more) is mailed to you, when you get it you can celebrate and share your pride on social media! That's basically it! They are super easy to sign up for. If your curious how one works and want to try it out, go visit Runs for Cookies! She is hosting her 4th annual "Runs for Cookie Virtual 5k" and it's free!

My favorite virtual race organizations:

Moon Joggers
Virtual Run Events
Will Run for Bling

My virtual race bling as of December 2015! I've completed three virtual 5k's and I'm not done yet. I'm aiming to do two virtual races a month through the year of 2016! My next virtual race will be the Eyeball Run for glaucoma awareness!

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