Walking for Coffee

This morning I didn't plan on doing any walking or running, I just wanted to do a short after lunch walk and call rest till Saturday.... but being the day before weigh day, I really wanted lots of iced coffee's today without dipping into my calories.... so, I went for a walk-jog this morning anyways! I burned roughly 219 calories (based off my Fitbit Charge HR, I go by that since it also applies heart rate) and that gave me a few extra glasses today! Problem solved!

The name, Walking for Coffee, also has been on my mind for a new name for my blog. I've been brainstorming on a new name since I want my blog name to describe what my blog is about, or some aspect of my blog. The name "Sacred Coffee" makes me think I worship coffee or have some kind of strange coffee religion, but doesn't really say what my blog is about. So what do you think? Here are some other idea's:

Will Walk for Coffee
Coffee. Walk. Repeat.

I thought I was making good pace on my mile this morning but I ended up not too fast, just glad I got it under that 18:00 min time, so I'm happy! It seems ever since I got my new running shoes I'm slower, hah! I hope that isn't the case! I'm going to test this theory out this weekend and use my old shoes for a mile walk and see my time, but it could be that my legs are just tired this week too. I will experiment! 

Oh! Today I earned my "10 for 10" badge on Smashrun! I've gone 10 days in a row with walking and running. I'm beat, no wonder my legs are so tired! No way will I go for the "20 for 20" badge right now, maybe another time. 

My day has been off to a great start! I had iced coffee, pounded down one refill of water, and had a small breakfast. I have already planned out my meals for the day and about to make lunch in a half hour.

I ended last night with a nice hot Epsom soak bath and a bath bomb (Lush Honey Bee). It was just perfect, I even brought my tea to the bath with me. I've been doing Epsom soaks 1-2 days per week and they have helped me a ton! Water retention has not been an issue for me this week at all, which is awesome!

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