Warbird 5k

Ok, I was planning to do this virtual race over the weekend (originally next week) but when I checked the tracking of my medal, it was actually out for delivery today! I knew I didn't want to wait to see it, so I decided to do the 5k this morning instead. This way I can also rest a bit over the weekend and do just 1 mile walks.

My 5k was awesome!! It was rainy, it was hard, and it was exhausting... but that meant the reward was that much more. I beat my 5k PR!!! This morning I did 49:20 with an average pace of 15:54. My first 5k was 3.5 min longer. When I plugged my race into Smashrun and saw my stats, I squealed! I for sure know I can't hold this pace for the 10k, but I hope I can get close to it and I just need to at least maintain an 18:00 minute mile. So anything under that 18 min mark will be a win in my book haha!

Along with my medal, they sent me a real race bib, my first ever! The medal is gnarly, it's all space themed with a galaxy ribbon. I also earned two badges on Smashrun today, the "10 for 10" and the "Went to Work" badge!

I found it really interesting that my last mile is always my fastest pace. I compared to my last two 5k's and it was the same thing, faster on the last mile. My next 5k is planned roughly in 2 weeks!

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