Weigh Day

After Tuesday this week I knew I was slipping a bit on my eating, I wasn't tracking all the nibbles I was doing... a couple extra handfuls of cheese cubes, a handful of popcorn, extra coffee, extra ranch, etc. So on Wednesday I got super strict with myself and started to make sure I tracked everything, also pre-logged my meals for the day so I had a sort of plan to follow for the day so I didn't stray into binging. Apparently doing that helped a lot!

I lost 2.4 lbs this week! My only goal was to see 255 on the scale... I saw 254.6!! I was thrilled!!! I have now reached 65.4 lbs lost, hit that 65 ob milestone and I couldn't be more happy today.

Today is also hopefully the day I either order or go out and buy new jeans! I've been wearing my size 24's and they no longer stay up at all, even after I altered them and added a new button hole. I may try some on today while out, but I love the fit of these jeans from JcPenny and they only sell them online. So we'll see! I keep joking to my husband that by the time I finally get around to getting new jeans I'll skip right past 22's and go into a 20... this may happen lol


  1. woot woot! congrats! it's a huge achivement :)

  2. Jess, I was reading an articel today, when I came upon the words "cortisol bloat". That made me think of your bloating problem. I found this article (scroll down a bit for info that might interest you about new runners)



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